Rømø – Eat, sleep and where to go with the dog.

Rømø is a little northsea island in the west of Denmark. Great for beachholidays. But where to stay with your dog at night.

Basically, you can stay the night on Rømø in four types of locations. Who wans to stay in tent or sleep in his campervan, will already find a place. The other options are “bed and breakfast”, hotel, campingside, cabins or holiday homes. Most in any combination at one place. Except for the campsites, the dog must be requested separately. But is actually there is no problem.

Location: Map

The island is nearly 70 kilometers away from Flensburg. The majority of the way along country roads leads, you need for it about 1.5 hours. Rømø is located in the west of the country in the North Sea and is accessible via a country lane (Rømødamm) and by ferry from Sylt.

Spend the night
Basically is to say that in the off-season, the accommodation should be requested by phone. Although wintercamping is offered, there may be long faces if the location has decided to close for the cold days.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-18 um 09.54.22Bed and Breakfast
On Rømø there are three B & B. “Dogs welcome” Explicitly included in “Hos Else og Keld”. A small courtyard where horses can be accommodated. The prices for a single room start at 41 euros.

The apartments of the “Romo Bed and Breakfast” are partly to book about Airbnb. Doublerooms start at 55 euros.

Danhostel Hogh Jorgensen is more of a hostel. Prices for a single room go off at 50 euros. Unfortunately, no evidence can be found on pets. But belongs to the Danhostel , there are usually no problems with animals.

enjoy departments
The “enjoy Resorts” let dogs in the hotel is not. However, operators indicate that holiday homes are available. Here the dog has to be registered. The facilities of the resort can then be shared (without a dog).

Mix of apartment and hotel. Minigolf and pool and the most important thing. Housekeeping. You can bring your dog (or cat) by appointment and fee (25 €)

Hotel Kommandørsgaarden
The hotel combines camping, hotel and holidayhomes. In all three accommodations dogs are allowed. Even in the restaurant, I and another guest had the dog here. Conservatively, this will not be possible in peak season.

As above – Kommandørsgaarden. To mention: free Internet at the campsite.

Romo Family Camping
The camp is especially designed for families. It should therefore be expected screaming children. Dogs must be requested separately according to the season. In winter, is completely closed.

Unfortunately, closed in winter. But right on the beach Lakolk located a highlight. Dogs are allowed. The dog costs 19.- per day DKK (2.60 €) but is on 170, – capped DKK (€ 23.60). In the huts at 190 DKK (€ 26.90).

All other prices on the respective homepages. Basically you calculated at Danish campsites flat rate 107 DKK per person (includes the course fee for vehicles), added even more power (35DKK) and the respective dog fee. So are 25 euros per day is a good average.

What to do with the dog?
Basically, you can, of course, the dog anywhere with you. But he must be abgeleint only at designated beaches (blue flag in high season) or in the dog forest.
(Because I have not even found the forest, here’s a video of Jesko Böcker, YouTube)


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