Why Denmark is great for beachholidays.

How Rømø changed my view on Denmark and why beachholidays should have nothing to do with sangria in buckets.


The days getting shorter and so were even two days less for the small island of Romo. If you arrive by ferry from Sylt in south, you should eat a fish sandwich necessarily. If you take the “landway” over the dam, then ride kindly still there and will bring you a pickled herring sandwiches. Let that be said of someone who fish do not particularly like.


Driving is on Rømø a pleasant thing. In ten minutes, you have crossed the island widthwise, in little more than twenty minutes they have been traversed from top to bottom. But I doubt that there is a single real Rømøer (I let myself in order to like the name correct) on the island. The entire island consists of cottages and hotels. I had done hard to go with my spontaneous decision to drive to Denmark. But I am come to Romo to the realization that in the country, especially for one’s great: the beach! Of Denmark has scarce 7000 km. No Mallorca beaches. But a great, wild coasts with dunes. In addition there are 700 islands that you will probably never see them all.

Romo is on the west side of a 500 meter-wide beach, stretching up the entire coast. And even if that is anything but environmentally friendly is: Once a storm at sea go up the beach and let the spray splashing into the car? – Yes, was cool. The storm pushed the sea so far on the beach that I actually was afraid to be the sucker who get bogged down in the sand.

The dog can be run unleashed this time of year on the beach. In high season, the animals must remain, except blue flagged beaches, unfortunately leash. Except for the dog beach in the southern part. There are on Romo a dogforest. As the name implies: leash free. I didnt find this forrest. And I swear i asked people for the way. Peak performance, I’d say. Nevertheless, I’ve caught the dog and hiked a few kilometers with him. Something through the dunes, and then turn just once in the forest. Goes great. But does not take too long.

Incidentally, the camping is only allowed on the beach of Lakolk. Just like a fire. The dunes are but spacious. And the supermarket at the entrance to the beach sold firewood. Per kilo. If you understand the hint.

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