Searching for adventure

Boots on the ground, just think different about the terrain.


For the dog, the adventure started already on the platform. Not the subway. He knows already. The track for the regional train was his challenge. At Alexanderplatz already was a lot trouble for Saturday morning at half past seven. Going on that, the dog had to “handle” a lot of impressions. Maybe that’s just his way of telling me that he still does not feel like for the hustle and bustle at the time. Situational expire in the Labrador genes. The hissing door between the waggons and the resulting increase in volume of the drive noise was the second task of the dog.
Anyway, I had taken the backpack of Tano for the way to in Fürstenwalde. Not because the dog is not to hard to wear, but because the dog is simple twice as wide, and passengers by additional harassment of a dog not be more relaxed. Apparently there are people who find the dogs goofy.


“Google Maps” said, the route that we had planned for the day, scarce 25 km away. Easy terrain. To my disappointment to easy terrain. The track was paved and a popular bike path. The planned route was meant only as a guide to know what awaits me roughly. We wanted to follow the Spree. What we then did.

Screenshot Goohle Maps

Screenshot Google Maps

Find your own tasks

I put the dog small tasks on the way. For example, each forest has stacked wood. So just climb the pyre with the dog. Costs little time and is very exciting for the dog. Well, for my. First is the woodpile, as evil par excellence, as soon as I put a foot on it, the dog passes me like there is his favorite food on top. Yes. Well done. I feel almost fooled.


Leave the path to manageable corners

To make our way more exciting, we have left the route often. If the map showed that we would meet again on the road with a straight line, we took the line and ran cross field. This saved time we turn took advantage to hit us right on the river running through the undergrowth.

littlest_hobo_fürstenwalde-3 littlest_hobo_fürstenwalde-5

As already mentioned, we are looking for adventure. The route could have been a used only by woodsmen way. From the air that is not always visible. At one part of the course was right, the street, and left an unpaved road. We decided to just run in between. Microadventures are no Northpole expeditions. They should liberate us only from the daily grind. Had we followed only the river, it would probably have lasted the entire weekend until we had arrived our finish. So there were five hours alternating with light trails, little village and undergrowth forest.



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