Little getaways

11. December 2015

We should say more often “F..k it!“ and just do what we want.

Why do you necessarily should drink beer with your dog.

19. November 2015

Granted. I fooled you again. Dog Beer falls somewhere in the category “absolutely useless” to “what the fuck?” A title like this could come from the industry, which sells the product namely as nutritional supplements.

Denmark, please convincing me.

10. November 2015

The raindrops pass my field of view in the horizontal and banging against my face. The dog, the cone of light seeking, would also prefer another location. I myself am not so sure whether the spontaneous trip to Denmark was a good idea. Anyway, I


4. November 2015

Thats the reason why I was left in Amsterdam and wasn´t allowed to transfer to the U.K.

So we are clear

1. November 2015

Blogging or even specific publishing wants to be financed somehow . And to provide consistent quality , you have to come up with something .