No dog left behind. Expect you can find his ID-Chip.

Thats the reason why I was left in Amsterdam and wasn´t allowed to transfer to the U.K.


Actually, I should be in the UK now. Actually. But more on that later. This text I wrote in the restaurant of a Dutch campsite.

After an hour of traffic jam on the A2 I came even before the start of the boarding to the ferry port. Although at DFDS Amsterdam is on the reservation, the behaves similarly to the airports of Ryanair. The ferryport IJmuiden is away less than 30 kilometers from Amsterdam. As a precaution, the company give the coordinate. N 52 ° 27, 744′; E004 ° 35, 223, if for someone it´s important.

Before boarding the car, the dog must be checked in seperatly. That’s, when everything is fine, is very fast. So it was, for my “travelingmate” in front of me.

Then I came to the series. Vaccinationrecord? Fits. Papers? Fits. Deadlines? Fits very much. Chip?. Spanish passport. So the chiplocation is in the local language. The versed lady at the counter asks routinely Google. “Shoulder”, she smiled to me. Digital Immigrant, I would say.

Perhaps the reader is indeed defective.

Iwas given a chipreader and shall now read out the number in order to confirm the identity of the dog. The part will be still very important. reader number one searched and searched. But finds nothing. Note The “LOW BAT” forcing my cold sweat back. . Luckily I was there very early and behind me is not a line of waiting travelers that would throw me overboard at the first opportunity.

I was given a new one. The device is connected to the search as successful as its predecessor. Mir is another model presented. Also unsuccessful. Meanwhile, the other lady issued from the counter to me and tells me that the chip of her dog now located in the rear of the same. This awakens hope in me and I key the butt of my dog.


After ten minutes, search the digital specialist dials the number of the local veterinarian and sent me there. “The find those things always,” she promises. Dog and address in the car I race through the village.

amsterdam_fail-2 amsterdam_fail-3

There I explained that the chip is probably broken and not be read. Pragmatists like me find a new chip solves all problems. So put in that thing. The woman handed over 31 euros and at low altitude back to the harbor and the waiting counterwomen.

There I explained the situation and proud with the new chip number wagging I get the message: “But now we have a problem. Then this is no longer the dog “. How? I have not replaced him at the vet. There is a photo in his passport. I am sent to the waiting benches, while one calls in Newcastle at the vet.

Thumps up is not always a good sign.

With thumbs up, she is calling me to the counter. I hurry. Like a punch in the face while running with full speed,it hits even harder. “The veterinarian says no”, she told me. The identity can indeed no longer be confirmed.The new chip is by the way only a small problem. Even the non-readable chip would have the same consequence. I just do with the new chip start now, what following in any way.

The dog, new born.

The dog needs a new passport. With all new vaccines and deadlines. I heard in the background always something about 21 days. Slowly I realized that the steamer will leave without me. But I was stuck in the denial phase and wondered how the boarding would go on now. They referred me to the transfer in December. Then everything should run smoothly. What she really means was- theres no moneyreturn.

In the car I sat an hour rather aimlessly, trying at least to quickly find a place to stay in Amsterdam. Without preprocessing and research its threaten the livelihoods. View on the run a hotel that takes dogs? 250 euros upwards. Could but have also leaned on the Googlesearch.

While I thought about the prospects of a hostage, sent me a friend the address of a campsite. I found myself so and drove after they told me that you would be happy to welcome as a guest, the. 40 km to the campsite.



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