Little getaways

We should say more often “F..k it!“ and just do what we want.


To the develope of the holodeck we will have to wait a bit. Up to this we must dare for small escapes from everyday life continue to the door. Thats not a big thing, but we don´t take take time for it. Maybe we can do on the weekend“ And again no time, because above all seemingly revolves a deadline. So we push our adventurelust before us, until we outsource completely in the annual leave and project all our expectations on the few days.

Microadventures but can be found everywhere. Even on the way to work, in your city and around the city. The outdoor industry has recognized the plight. After falling sells referencing three companies with the “5 to 9” -Adventure. Best together with your coworkers. Coming from the term is the usual in America worktime from 9 in the morning to 5 o´clock in the evening. So you plunges after work into pleasure and appears again the next morning dutiful – but recovered – in the workplace.

Of course we don´t do “5 to 9” -Adventure to increase the functionjacket selling again, or to be more efficient in the workplace, but for us. Outs helps to get more creativ. Most of my ideas I get when I am alone with the dog outside on the road. In a writer’s block or “Photoshopblindness” I grab the dog and go around. Sure, that’s not necessarily the point of this adventure. But they give a distance and make clear your head. It does not need to think about the job during a hike.

Must this short adventure not planed well?Yes, but the preparation is such trips even manageable. In times of “Google Earth” and other map services you can look for the beginning of their own environment once from the air. Here you will already discovered things that you do not know and even can explore. The nature has grown. On maps you can see natural structures, that can be followed. Even artificial routes like highways, you can walk along. There is also the civilization in earshot for safe start. Another possibility is to simply draw a circle around his city, and to follow him. The possibilities are really limitless and each interpreted adventure indeed different. The important thing is that you can sometimes make something else. And if one takes only another bus for the way home.

(photo: ©kabooompics/ pixabay)


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