Denmark, please convincing me.


The raindrops pass my field of view in the horizontal and banging against my face. The dog, the cone of light seeking, would also prefer another location. I myself am not so sure whether the spontaneous trip to Denmark was a good idea.

Anyway, I finally found a place to stay for us. Searching the Internet is not very helpful. Three accommodations I stood before, the door was closed. They just forget t to change he Internet information.

Previous phoning is absolutely necessary. But as I had still not solved my internet and phone problem that everything was not so simple. In denmark a camping passport is obligated. If only because it lowers the price of a night at a quarter of the price. So converted 10 euros per night. Electricity and showers as well as the dog not included. All in all a night for 30 euros.

Everything I in my fingers which was touristly about Denmark , began with the sentence, “dogs are welcome.” Followed by the comment that actually prevails everywhere leash. Only at some beaches that are blue flagged, you can run the dog. To my delight, that’s a damn in the winter season.

In this weather, that just lets off steam, I’m not sure if I will ever come close to a beach. But if it continues, it is the anyway tomorrow morning in front of the bus.

Meanwhile, I’m on the bus again and have peeled me off the wet clothes and the dog far dry again. So I can think about the rest of the evening. A lot will not stay with me as a pastime. Even if just the rainwater would not push through the chimney hole and I was not afraid, my bus could fall over the next blast, Romo is unfortunately only from holidayhomes and bed and breakfasts and three campgrounds. The hard Nightlife is not to be found here. I had this impression generally of the places of the campsites. Kilometers only road and then suddenly a campsite.

After all, I have power in my bus, even if I was soaking wet when you connect, and had to run three times to the receprion until a adapter for the connections worked. The second time i getting dry I look forward like a little kid, I’ve even Internet on the pitch. The pleasure lasts but a short time and I drink a can of beer to my stew while I watch a movie I had on the hard disk.

I’m more one of the mountain and forest people. I try on what I’ve seen of the country really involved, but in general the country is something so flat that seems somehow allow visibility up to Copenhagen it.

Copenhagen seems to be a good idea in general to me, I think to myself while I rocks the bus to sleep.


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