Sorry Denmark, after all you are cool.

How I found a place in the North i had never imagen there.

How I found a place in the North i had never imagen there.


I have walked along cliffs. Kilometers. It was noisy and windy. It was great. On Rømø I sat in the van and had a beer while watching the beach emptying and I listened to the Sea. I thought that would have been noisy. In retrospect, it was kind of reassuring. I’m there but otherwise not so.

For this reason, the cliffs on the Rubjerg Knude are much more thing. Its storming. Its storming in a way that I see other tourists crying, because they can not stand up. The sound of the surf, that breaks 50 meter under my feet the cliffs is not to hear. The wind blows towards me and I hear just a rumble. Even the dog has a face like in the wind tunnel and I have to yell at him, so we can go on. But actually, I hear not even myself.

rubjerg2 rubjerg3

The sand, which flies in my ears heard, actually belongs to a dune that moves since some time through the north of Denmark. The lighthouse standing on the cliff here, it has passed about 10 years ago. In 2012 the dune released it again. Before that the tower still outbuildings. Some of these annexes, I am sure, in my ears and in the dogs fur.

The Rubjerg Knude (Danish for elevation), located between Løkken and Løndstrup even is almost 70 meters high, 400 meters wide and stretches for about two kilometers along the coast. Among then come back 50 meters cliffs.

rubjerg7 rubjerg8 rubjerg4

During the Second World War strategists of the Reich thought that the place would be an absolutely essential observation posts. In job profile was sure something like “no family bond”. Do you know the film with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, where they encounter on a South Sea island to a Japanese who does not know that the war is over? – Let’s leave that.

Me and the dog drag the dunes up and lift us into the wind to get to the cliffs. Next to us tourists claw in the sand. We can not help them. Here, you have to be selfish. So we leave them to their fate and walking along the cliffs. The terrain changes from sand to stone to grass on cliffs that grow on us. From Wind molded into bizarre shapes, which fall after a few meters back to a grass landscape.

unbenannt-3 unbenannt-2

I finally got a Denmark found that I like. I imagine how I Campe here in the summer and every day a little further up the coast over to the lakes to there finally find out what are some of my friends to fishing.

After an hour we turn away from the cliffs and walk to the trail at the foot of the dunes. This leads through small woods and dunes foothills back to the lighthouse and the parking lot. Only problem. The trail is very close to a eletricfence. – I was the rest of the day busy the dog to assure you that I have really nothing to do with his bad experience.

rubjerg9 rubjerg6

If you’re smarter than I am, then you can park on the right parking. Thus saves one kilometer can equally take the Path to the tower up.



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