The forest full of trees – How to find the right campsite in Denmark.

How to find the right campsite for you.


Stupid analogy. Really a lot of trees I have not seen in Denmark. But I have anyway decided already for the beaches as my highlight of the country. But there are a lot of campsites. Nearly 500 of them have the small country. And corporate videos encourage tourists just to visit it and to live there.

The campsites in categories of one to five stars are divided. Service gets from “There is a concierge.” to “minimum 100 qm parking space and swimming pool.” But that’s not all. In a classic buyer’s market you have to have different points. And so advertise the campsites with some added comfort.

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Screenshot: Additional services and facilities at campsites

Instead of fancy me, I know your needs, and post a few campsites which I find to be good, you should follow the link under the photo. There the campsites are so clearly listed that even a pedant like me is stirred to tears.

In the right corner you can select easily the region. Then all places appear on an interactive map. Clicking takes you to a detailed description and to their homepage. Even though I personally am rather self-sufficient and simply there stopping or my pitch your tent where I please, in Denmark the campsite because of the infrastructure that they provide (current for fast charging of the many pieces of equipment, Internet and washing machines and dryers), a super alone recommended stopover for that reason. In North Jutland campsites even offer that you exclude his fish, pack and can freeze.

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