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Crowdfunding – How small manufactures create stuff, individual travelers really want.


There are things without this we do not want to leave the house. No question, the mobil. Tablets for many. Who travels probably the camera and of course the laptop must with. In addition, there is needed space for the toothbrush and some clean clothes should have his space.So the backpack is full quickly. Especially if the backpacks are not well thought out, or tailored to the specific needs. We have three backpacks lined up that are currently vying for support on Kickstarter. Each course has its focus. But all fit into the hand luggage of aircraft. What makes them so also handy companions in daily life.


rucksack_02The CO.ALITION offers the traveler who can not detach themselves from its electronics two practical assistance. A built-in chargers that because of a Power Bank is also suitable for charging while hiking. Additionally, the backpack has built its own cloud solution. The WIFI-Harddrive stores the photos, if you will, automatically and makes them available to other devices.

On top provides with OORT SMARTFINDER a Bluetooth-localization ability. Within a radius of 30 meters the backpack can be located. You have to run quick behind a theft if you notice.


The Tactical City Pack

rucksack_03My favorite. Not because of military appearance, but because of the Molle solution. The strap system allows the backpack extend individually and adapted to the respective needs. In the basic version already several devices, such as laptop and tablet can be accommodated. Added to this is a hydration system and there is still enough space for the main compartment for food and clothing. Ideal to start after working a micro adventure and the next day to re-appear on the work.


The Progo

rucksack_01The name (maybe there will be problems with a camera manufacturer) suggested already, to whom it is directed. Flashpacker will feel comfortable with it. If you want strutting no rolling suitcase behind him, but the clutter in your backpack is not your case, then the backpack is right for me. He has his own shoe compartment and the kicker, inside the main compartment (frontloader, which I particularly like) hiding a shelving system. Laptop and Tablet also still fit into it. In addition, there are small pockets for everyday stuff.


All backpacks are still in the Kickstarter phase and are not yet available. But all as good as funded or even overfunded. Although they are no longer end up under the Christmas tree, but their realization is virtually certain. Littlest Hobo like innovative small firms that take on individual problems. For this reason we are always present here crowdfunding projects from the fields of design, Outdoor and Pet.

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