So we are clear

Blogging or even specific publishing wants to be financed somehow . And to provide consistent quality , you have to come up with something .


What am I doing here? Traveling, of course. And a blog. Both cost money. That must indeed be earned somehow. Therefore, I will explain in the text here, how do I do that. So since no ambiguities. What you will not find on Littlest Hobo, are affiliat-links. Sure, I will link informative things. But there lies no tracking and no monetization behind.

I believe that the blog operators sometime, sees a potential source of income, and deteriorated the texts to link collections. That may work great for one or the other blog. But I want to tell stories here. In addition, I write much rather about new things, the small inventors have devised, and now crap money about crowdfunding.

So how do I get from A to B?

I’ve made my decision for sponsorship with Littlest Hobo. That leaves me the freedom to make any of my travels as I would also make with no sponsor or any other sponsor. For this I offer to companies every month to write a noncommercial article which I will publish marked as advertising. You notice already, that boils down to a longer cooperation. That was and is also important to me. I’ve talked to all participants before the start for very long time. And the transparency that I can do with this article to the readers is important to me. I also decided to products which contain only a single product, to mark as #advertising, even if it should not be.

On banner ads and advertorials external recruiter, I can and will not do without. But these are thematically match the rest. So there will be no emotional text about oil and butter mixtures from the squeeze bottle, in which I’ll tell you how it changed my life. We can discuss the business model. It was important to do from the beginning a transparency. This helps me, sponsors and you as a reader. Especially as the sponsors are visible on each side.


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