Entering the U.K with pets


There are two hurdles that you have to take to get your pet to the UK. First, there are the routes for other veterinary directives. To get into trouble with the veterinarian, you must first enter the U.K.. There are three ways to reach the island.

Train: Calais – Dover / Folkstone eurotunnel.com

Pretty easy. There is only the Eurotunnel. And although there is a monopoly, the prices are quite low. Depending on the time of booking. Since the beginning of the Pets Travel Scheme, over 1 million dogs, cats and ferrets have traveled with Euro Tunnel Le Shuttle. Your beloved pets stay with you in your vehicle, stretched out and snoring for the short crossing. (Pets Corner, Eurotunnel.com). The passage of the 50th kilometer tunnel takes about 30 minutes. The animal will cost as usual extra. Here it is 40 €. Without becoming political. The Transit is currently somewhat difficult because the tunnel from time to time will be closed. And the situation will not improve as fast probably.

Pretty relaxed affair. The route Amsterdam- Newcastle takes about 16 hours. The balances have a small cruise. However, it comes then also in Scotland and not have to drive all over England. Travel companies have special offers repeatedly. Especially when the trnsfertimes are updated. It is also advisable to look at the shipping companies via social media. So I had saved 10 percent.
The dog can vary depending on the ferry company in a dog hotel. (Cabin with dog boxes) or in the car remain. Caution is warranted. In a “Pet Travel Scheme” was a requirement that the dog necessarily into a carrying case. That just seems (Stand 10.2015) not to be the case. Therefore, the dog can stay free in the car. There are fixed times you can visit the dog for a walk. In the cabin is unfortunately not possible. The cost for the dog is 25 € per ride.

Ferry and train routes

I recommend for immediate consideration, which airlines offer a route. Then checks the PTS, which is listed. If not, find out if your desired airline is cooperating with one of the listed. The easiest way is to call the customer service here. There you can, also ask the questions to the boarding. In this way one can ever save one to two hundred euros. But the dog always has to pay the price by leading airline. Because of the transport boxes, the airlines understand no fun. Here is the standardized plastic box. Water and feed must be guaranteed and the dog should able to comfortable stay and able to turn around. Although flying already looks a bit stressful just because of the confusing PTS-list, it is one of the easiest travel opportunities for me. And it’s not all as strict as the British.

Flight routes

Medical must also be clarified
When you have finally reached British soil, it may be that a an official veterinarian stand between you and your holiday. EU has been able to take away quarantine the island nation a few years ago. How vindictive they are therefore, shouldnt be tested in any case. Otherwise, the holiday for the dog is almost over again. And therefore also yours.

Chip and EU pet passport (but new statements since 12/29/2014, the old identity cards remain valid.)
The dog has to be chipped. The chip number must be in the pet passport. Even the place where the chip is. The document must therefore also be present. And tangible.

Current rabies vaccination.
The dog must be vaccinated against rabies. This must be at least, 21 days ago. Here you will always find the words “Firstvaccination”. Should vaccination repeat, the easiest way is to pay attention here to the 21 days. Means that vaccination the dog according to the deadline. This one is on the safe side.

Tapeworm and ticks protection
First, and again very important. The treatment must be certified by a doctor. So do not be self-administered at home. That is not enough. Treatment must be 24-120 h (1-5 days). Is expected by arrival. From time to time you find a 24-48 hours directive. I stick to the worst case and let me out of the doctor treatment during the 48 hours to perform.

Traveling with puppies
Dogs younger than 15 weeks are not allowed to enter: puppy may only travel with a valid anti-rabies vaccination since early 2015th From the specifications for the minimum age (12 weeks) and the training of immunization (21 days), this means that puppies may be taken no earlier than the age of 15 weeks.

Other restrictions
The entry way, is limited to 5 dogs. However, if a Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Brazilier be there, then one is already too much. These dogs are not allowed in the U.K..

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